2015 Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Rolls Royce Phantom Serenity image

The 2015 edition of the Geneva motor show has featured the introduction of the Phantom Serenity model, after it was teased last month.

The bespoke model has been developed and built using the extensive knowledge of the company’s highly specialized bespoke design team, with the Serenity based on the firm’s flagship model, the Phantom Series II. The exterior features no other alterations aside from the “Bespoke Mother of Pearl” body paint – claimed to be the most expensive one-off paint ever created at Rolls-Royce and one that was hand polished for a total of 12 hours. “Celebrating the historical role played by silk as a symbol of ultimate elegance, the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Bespoke Design team has created a magnificent one-off Phantom which will set a new benchmark for luxury individualization in the motor industry, and reaffirm that Bespoke is Rolls-Royce,” commented Torsten Muller-Ötvos, the company’s chief executive.

Naturally, most of the new features can be seen inside the cabin, where the two-tone coachline model has a blossom motif that was applied using a squirrel hair brush. Each single panel needed an astonishing 600 hours of work –with woven silk coming from Suzhou, China inserted through the interior and in some zones having the crimson blossoms hand painted directly on the silk. If you believe that’s the end of high-end materials then you’re utterly wrong: they also used rare smoked cherrywood for a more oriental theme that was also hinted by the usage of bamboo wood. The trunk has also been gracefully remastered with Arctic White leather and two parasols that boasted the Serenity motif and leather loops.