The highly anticipated European return of the Honda Civic Type R is a hot subject in rumorland and today we have some new virtual designs, made by ATC Design.

The hot Civic hatchback is envisioned with a tuning style body kit and a lowered suspension arrangement, which render a more aggressive look to the model. It comes with large glossy black multi-spoke alloys, four tailpipes and has received a large wing at the back.

Honda has big plans for the new Civic Type R as they want it to establish a new record on the Nürburgring for a front-wheel drive car – a good way to come back after the hiatus due to emissions regulations. The feat would be accomplished via a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, which will provide a minimum of 280 HP (206 kW) – all the power being sent to the front axle. If rumors come to fruition, the Renault Megane RS will finally have a matching competitor on the market.

The current Nürburgring record was set in 2011 by the Renault Megane RS Trophy, which lapped the circuit in 8 minutes and 7.97 seconds. Honda Europe’s president Manabu Nishimae mentioned during Frankfurt Motor Show last week they tested a prototype and was close to taking down the official record.

Via ATC Design



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