2015 Mustang Atop Empire State Building celebrates Ford’s 50th Anniversary image

This year Ford Mustang will celebrate its 50th anniversary in a unique way, by recomposing a 1965 stunt.

To be sure that its 50th anniversary will be talked about for a long time, Ford will make it memorable and stunning. The US automaker thought it would be a good idea to recompose the 1965 stunt when it took apart the original Mustang, put all the pieces in an elevator and rebuilt the car to be displayed on the Empire State Building.

This year, a prototype of the all-new 2015 Mustang will be the ‘victim’ of Ford’s idea. The car will be set apart and reassembled on the 86th floor and in six hours it will be ready. On April 16 and 17, visitors coming to the Empire State Building will have the privilege to take part at Ford’s 50th anniversary.

“This is a big moment for us,” said Steve Ling,North America car marketing manager.

“Bill Ford calls the Mustang the heart and soul of the company.”


But this will not be all. Various events, organized by the Mustang Club of America, will take place at Charlotte Motor Speedway and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway starting April 17 until April 20. Steve Ling said the company expects to attract 10,000 vehicles and 90,000 people. On April 14 caravans will depart from Mustang,Oklahoma, towards two racetracks where people will enjoy and take part to fund-raising activities, drag-strip racing and road-handling courses.

- attached images showing the 2015 Ford Mustang