The brand new Ford GT has been officially presented to the public in a world premiere during the 2015th edition of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

The newest supercar to hit the market is coming from America and it’s none other than the Ford GT, in its new generation. The model in question has recently made its public debut during the 2015 NAIAS, in Detroit but if you are ready to place an order for it, you may want to take a seat, because the car manufacturer will put it into production in 2016.

The design of the brand new Ford GT is evolutionary and you can instantly recognize it as what it is but besides being appealing, the supercar is also aerodynamically optimized to reduce drag and to generate more downforce, as the company is saying. It has a carbon fiber passenger cell which you can access from the upward swinging doors. The vehicle has received aluminum front and rear subframes which have been covered by the carbon fiber body panels.

Inside it you can notice the future because the carmaker has added an F1 inspired steering wheel, a fully digital and configurable instrument cluster, the Ford SYNC 3 infotainment system and several other tweaks which will probably make you forget all about the Lamborghini Aventador and other supercars coming from the Old Continent.

The 2016 Ford GT is a read mid-engined and rear-wheel drive supercar, with a two-door coupe body shell. The car manufacturer isn’t too keen on releasing performance details on it but it is said to be powered by “the most powerful EcoBoost production engine ever”. This will be a new twin turbo EcoBoost V6 which will be good for more than 600 HP. Considering the downsizing and the power produced, we can dare to say that the new Ford GT will most likely be more economical than its predecessor. More details on the American supercar are limited at this time and will probably be announced soon.


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