2015 Skoda Fabia offers customizable dashboard image

Skoda is offering a customizable dashboard on the new generation of the Fabia for some extra cash.

The Czech based automaker Skoda is taking the customization to a new level in the 2015 Fabia where the model in question can be had with a personal photo added to the dashboard. Basically this will be a self-adhesive film which will be applied to the dashboard. For this to happen, owners can visit the select a design or bring their own image, as long as it is under 10 MB And at least 1732 pixels wide and 816 pixels tall. This costs just 480 CZK / 17 EUR and it can be installed by either the owner or the dealership.

The new generation of the Skoda Fabia has been introduced a few months back and it is currently available in two body styles, hatchback and estate. The model is already available for order across the Old Continent, where it starts at 11,790 euros for the Active trim level, equipped with the 1-liter engine, the daytime running lights, electrically adjustable side mirrors, 4-speaker audio system, tire pressure monitor, 15-inch steel wheels and so on. The 1.4 TDI diesel option costs 15,940 euros.