Toyota has officially unveiled the 2015 GT 86, which will go on sale on the Old Continent this summer.

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has officially pulled the wraps off a modified version of the GT 86. The model in question is wearing the 2015 model year in its name and it’s coming with some interesting items, which help it differentiate from the outgoing versions.

“There is no reason that development should stop, only because the vehicle has gone on sale. The GT86 is all about driver involvement, and we are committed to keep enhancing this aspect of the car. The 2015 model year delivers the latest status of GT86’s continuous evolution”, said the Toyota GT 86 chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada.

The 2015 Toyota GT 86 is coming with new colors available, with a shark fin antenna, promising to improve both the aerodynamics and the looks of the model, with a carbon fiber motif dashboard insert, which is offering the sports car a more upscale appearance, and with some other tweaks. The 2015 Toyota GT 86 has also received a strengthened front suspension and retuned rear shock absorbers, translated into an improved steering. Sadly this is all we’ve got on the updated model, for the moment.


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