2015 Volkswagen T6 spied image

Our spy photographers have managed to capture the 2015 Volkswagen T6 on camera while it was being tested out on public roads.

A serious facelift for the T5 was adopted in 2009, six years since the model was officially introduced, and now the company is getting ready to introduce the new T6, in its three main versions, the Transporter, the Multivan and the Caravelle. The model in question is already in development as our spy photographers have learned while capturing it on camera. The 2015 Volkswagen T6 will get some Passat style headlights and an overall improved design, which should make it even more popular throughout its segment.

It seems that the rest of the body, except the front fascia, is coming from the T5, but keep in mind that this is just a simple test mule and the final product may turn out to be quite different, once it will be unveiled. The interior design of the model has been modified too and it seems that the new T6 will get a new engine lineup too, under its hood. Rumors are saying that Volkswagen is considering bringing the T6 to the United States, but there is no info in this for the moment. More details on the 2015 Volkswagen T6 will be announced probably over the next few months.