The German based automaker Audi is currently testing out a new generation of the Q7 which has been spied while it was being tested on the Nurburgring, recently.

Our spy photographers have managed to capture on camera the new generation of the Audi Q7. Besides the regular model, the premium SUV has been also spotted in a new Plug-in Hybrid version, which should put some big space between it and the competition, for the moment at least. The most significant change of the model will be in its weight where a massive 400 kg are expected to be lost, through a strict diet.

The Volkswagen Group has already made this happen with the Porsche Cayenne and with the Volkswagen Touareg so the engineers know what to expect. Hopefully, the customers will forget that ocean cruise liner feel that they used to have when driving the old Q7 with this operation, but never say never. In terms of design, don’t expect a lot of new features except for some modified taillights, some sweptback headlights, a new front grille and several other changes made to the exterior. The interior design will be quite different and the engine lineup will be updated too. The model should be unveiled sometimes next year.


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