During Auto China 2016 the French automaker decided to surprise us and instead of presenting the second generation 3008 they simply delivered a Chinese-market facelift.

The updated 3008 revealed during the Beijing show is not the model we were hoping to see, as the present model is heading quickly towards the retirement home of old car models. Here’s hoping that at least during this October’s Paris Motor Show we’re going to be treated to the all new model. We’re anxiously waiting for it as Peugeot has finally got rid of the pseudo-MPV theme and will make the switch to a real crossover body style. Additionally, the second generation 3008 is rumored to be the first Peugeot to implement the brand’s second-generation i-Cockpit.

Meanwhile, the Chinese market will be getting for a few years from now the refreshed version that was unveiled during the Auto China show in Beijing. The second facelift to the 3008 is making it age better and we think the Chinese market will appreciate that – even the pre-facelift model was a hit in the world’s largest auto market with Dongfeng Peugeot delivering more than 200,000 units in the past three years. We can see a reworked front fascia, and Peugeot says the designers also touched the taillights on their way to modifying the interior. The updated 3008 will bring an enhanced safety and assistance kit, which includes systems such as the collision risk alert and the Visio-Park II, which delivers a 360-degree view of the car.


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