2016 Beijing Motor Show: Audi connected mobility concept image

Audi has prepared in time for an official presentation in front of the public of the Auto China 2016 a modified Q3 crossover which has morphed into the “connected mobility concept”.

You may remember Lexus’ stunt with the levitating yet functional, design) – we’re bringing that one into discussion out of sheer coolness but also because the Audi connected mobility concept actually incorporates an electrically-powered multifunctional longboard. That is said to become useful when driving in a densely packed city such as China’s Beijing – you can just leave your car parked safely further away from the place you need to go and then just use the Ingolstadt-based automaker’s solution. We’re talking about a 1.05-meter long electric longboard that comes with a battery pack that will last for more than 7.4 miles (12 kilometers) and can even reach speeds of 18.6 mph (30km/h). When not using it, the longboard is not going to take up space inside the car because it has an integrated holster in the Q3’s rear bumper – this is also when the battery recharges.

2016 Beijing Motor Show Audi connected mobility concept 11

The connected part comes via the crossover’s infotainment system link with the owner’s smartphone – where it is able to read the calendar – and then the car will plot the fastest route possible, which involves driving the car, a mixed journey or just using solely the longboard. Using real-time traffic data, the software will calculate the best possible path and if it decides it is better to use the electric longboard it will find a nearby parking space for the car.