2016 Beijing Motor Show: Citroen E-Elysee image

The French automaker has decided to address the pollution problem in China by taking its “first practical step in electric vehicles” in the country with the reveal of the electric E-Elysee which officially debuted during the Auto China 2016.

We already know Citroen and Peugeot jointly debuted and marketed the C-Elysee and 301 models as their own entry-level practical and basic vehicles that will sell very well in emerging markets. As such, the C-Elysee budget model is of course the brand’s top selling model in the world’s largest auto market – almost 100, 000 sales were registered last year alone. Since the country has a severe pollution problem and has been doing a lot in terms of promoting new energy vehicles, Citroen has decided to marry the attributes of the budget sedan a zero emissions powertrain.

The saloon will reach the market next year and points towards the company’s “ambitions to be a key player in electric vehicles for the Chinese public.” In lieu of the usual petrol and diesel engines there’s now an electric motor, assisted by a lithium-ion battery. There aren’t any specific technical details other than the brand telling us the E-Elysee will go for up to 155 miles (250 kilometers) on a single charge. Recharging will take 6.5 hours and a fast charging function will do the job in just 30 minutes. Citroen also brought another electric vehicle to China, the E-Mehari all-electric four-seater cabriolet.