2016 BMW 7-Series looks interesting in Touring and M7 versions image

Two renderings of the brand new BMW 7-Series generation are showing us how the model may be looking like in the Touring and the M7 range-topping version.

A BMW 7-Series Touring will not be out of this world considering the fact that the car market has never offered so many different vehicles and it may have a pretty good chance of starting a new “revolution”, just like the carmaker did with the X6. This will be a more practical version of the flagship vehicle and it will be coming with an enormous luggage space.

Before rushing over to your local BMW dealership to place an order, we will remind you that such a model doesn’t exist and the image is nothing more than a simple rendering put together by X-Tomi Design. Our source has also created the M7 flagship, in the virtual world, which despite being denied so many times by BMW, it has an even bigger chance of catching the assembly line, considering the fact that Mercedes-Benz is offering the S63 AMG and that the new generation of the A8 is just around the corner and chances are it will be introduced in the S8 version too. We can notice the more aggressive exterior design which is making it look instantly recognizable but a big surprise is what will actually be found under its hood. Hopefully the BMW officials will at least think about the introduction of such vehicles.

Image Source: X-Tomi Design and X-Tomi Design