2016 BMW 7-Series spied image

The new generation of the BMW 7-Series has been spied recently wearing a lot of camouflage and being driven on a public road.

With the introduction of the new generation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW remained behind in the segment but this won’t be for long as the company is currently working on a new generation of its flagship sedan, the 7-Series. The model in question will be created using the construction techniques from developing the i3 and the i8 and its structure is expected to incorporate a mix of materials such as carbon fiber, which will be used instead of the regular aluminum and steel.

This will transform the new-gen BMW 7-Series into a lighter vehicle and it will lead to improved handling, braking and acceleration and also fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, making it an even greater competitor to the S-Class. The standard powertrain options are said to include the 6-, 8- and 12-cylinder units, all of them turbocharged and direct injected. A plug-in hybrid model is also expected, with the possibility of some technologies borrowed from Toyota, but this will make its way onto the market at a later time.

The Efficient Dynamics technologies will be making their way onto the 2016 BMW 7-Series but there won’t be an M version of the new model as the M Division is not interested in it. Some of the features to be found on the flagship sedan will include the 3D maps with real-time traffic and weather updates, downloadable apps, WiFi, increased voice activation and so on. The model is believed to be introduced by the end of next year.