2016 Buick Verano spied image

The 2015 Buick Verano has been recently caught on camera by our spy photographers as it was being tested out on public roads.

Buick is getting ready to introduce the brand new 2016 Verano as the model in question has been already caught on camera by our spy photographers. The images posted below are showing the test mule of the future Buick Verano generation which has been spotted in Germany, a strong indicator saying that the vehicle will become, once again, the technical brother of the popular Opel Astra, or to the Opel Astra Sedan, better said.

The German C-segment car and the current Buick Verano still share some of the components and it seems that this recipe will be applied by the company for the upcoming versions of the vehicles. The 2016 Buick Verano will not be just a re-labelled Opel but it will get its very own body design. The engine lineup is believed to be shared between the two of them, but we can’t say anything for sure at the moment. The future Verano will be unveiled sometimes next year, probably in summer or even autumn. More details on it remain unknown for the moment.