2016 CES tipped off to be the venue for Faraday’s Future first concept image

The newest American automaker has just announced its first ever concept would be presented in front of the worldwide audience during the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show – with the company already revealing the first three teaser images.

The Los Angeles-based company has decided to make its presence felt across the globe this summer, when it introduced itself as the manufacturer “poised to lead the entire automotive industry into the future”. And now we’re nearing the moment when their first work would be revealed, which should be an electric prototype slotted for introduction on January 4 at the 2016 CES. Faraday has big plans with the prototype, which shouldn’t be just for the show but rather deliver the founding base for an upcoming production model which Faraday Future claims has been “inspired by our design and engineering vision.” There are no technical specifications to be matched to the three teaser images, though the rumor mill points towards an upcoming model (name to be established later) featuring a battery pack capacity about 15 percent bigger than the one used by the flagship version of the Tesla Model S – which has 85kW-hr.

According to comments made for British magazine Autocar, the automaker said they would “launch with fully electric vehicles that will offer smart and seamless connectivity to the outside world,” and future products “beyond traditional electric vehicles” should also be expected. That sounds like a direct jab at Tesla, which has electric cars and a unit producing stationary battery-based products. Faraday added their first model would be a “100% electric, zero-emission, fully-connected and personalized” and would be delivered to showrooms around 2017 with a 98 kWh battery.

Via Autocar