2016 Chevrolet Camaro teased once more image

Chevrolet has released two new teaser images for the upcoming generation of the Camaro muscle car which will be unveiled in the middle of next month, during a special event.

After Ford has unveiled the new Mustang generation and Dodge has taken things to a completely new level with its Challenger SRT Hellcat, time has come for Chevrolet to prepare the debut of its new Camaro generation. The model in question is being highlighted once again these days thanks to the releasing of two more teaser images by the carmaker which are showing its brakes and its wheels, so if you were hoping for some truly revealing images, you will be in for a big surprise because chances are you will only get to see it on the 16th of May, when it will be officially unveiled.

The brand new Chevrolet Camaro will be riding on the Alpha platform which is currently underpinning GM’s compact to mid-size front-engine, rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. The platform includes basics such as the MacPherson struts in the front, 5 link independent rear and it is making use of aluminum and high strength steel. The muscle car will be weighing 200 lbs (91 kg) less than its predecessor and the entire suspension system will be 21 percent lighter. Rumor has it that the 6.2 liter V8 engine will be found under its hood and, if it will be receiving supercharging, chances are we will be taking about a rival for the Challenger SRT Hellcat. A small four-cylinder unit is also expected on the car, to rival the Mustang EcoBoost.