According to Mercedes-Benz, the 2016 smart fortwo will become larger, but not that much as previous reports suggested and it will not take cues from the ForStars concept presented last year in Paris.

According to Smart USA General Manager Mark Webster, the redesigned Fortwo “is about 3, 4 inches wider and maybe 1 or 2 inches longer” than the 2013 model, which is not a serious dimensional growth like the mentioned concept implied (it was nearly 3 feet longer than the current Smart Fortwo).

Also, the next generation smart will begin sales in North America in August 2015, with European sales beginning three to six months earlier, which means the model should be officially introduced to the audience late 2014. A new three-cylinder engine will be placed under the “hood” (as actually in smart it resides below the trunk space).

According to the smart official, fortwo’s official design (inside and outside) will not be dramatically different from the current generation, as maintaining a connection between seems really important.

“There will be some new innovations, but it will still keep that fun personality,” Webster added. “We are looking at different editions and different variants.” “I have seen the production version of the Fortwo and it is a change but not a breakthrough, you will still see the core personality of the car,” he said.

Webster also commented on the newly developing forfour – jointly made by Nissan-Renault and Mercedes-Benz – and noted the U.S. line-up will definitely remain a one-model affair in the future.

via Edmunds


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