2016 Super Bowl: Hyundai Genesis “First Date” has Kevin Hart acting creepy [video] image

The South Korean automaker has decided humor and a star will do the job to capture the audience’s attention and redirect their buying feelings towards one of the models in the lineup.

The other day was Ryan Reynolds in Ryanville acting out to let us focus on the 2017 Elantra and now its Kevin Hart’s turn to have a jab. This is another Super Bowl ad from the carmaker that aims to highlight some of the technologies and amenities in its cars – for like five seconds we get to glimpse the Genesis luxury sedan that comes packing the Hyundai Blue Link Car Finder feature. Hart here is doing his best to instill his trademark humor – which may or may not please viewers, but he’s just one of those one face actors – as he leads the play as the overprotective father allowing his daughter to get out on her first date.

The daddy then follows the lovebirds thanks to the modern features of technology (this is family-styled Big Brother) and humorously reveals himself to the suitor – sometimes called the “Thundercat”. By the way, you may or may not enjoy Hyundai’s Hart-drive take but in case you were wondering where they got the idea, you might remember the scene featuring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys II from 1995. That perfect take on the overprotective daddy should really go down in history – and you have it just for fun as the second video, maybe you won’t take the Hyundai ad to be as creepy as it initially sounds.