2016 Super Bowl: Mini ad looking to defy expectations [video] image

The British automaker parented by Germany’s BMW Ag has decided to partake in the Super Bowl commercial craze with an ad looking to “defy labels” when it’s aired during the third quarter of the Game.

Automakers are flocking to air their commercials during the 2016 Super Bowl – jumping at the chance to have their products seen by more than 100 million people around the world and Mini is no exception. The 30 second spot will have a number of different sport personalities such as Serena Williams, Abby Wambach, T-Pain, Randy Johnson, and Tony Hawk. The campaign has not been delivered as a thoughtful and intricate introspection and instead takes cues from many of the “labels the brand has experienced over the years.” This means being blunt and turning the “chick car,” “gay car,” and “small” appellatives into nonsensical things – Harvey Keitel and the new Mini Clubman show up to say “This car doesn’t care what you call it.”

Mini ads the commercial was envisioned as a means of inspiration for people that have been labeled or want to have others abandon them in order to allow people be free of the labels society impose in a move to hinder self definition. “Ever since the first Mini was built in 1959, it has been labeled as one thing or another. This campaign acknowledges those labels in a very authentic way while simultaneously showing people Mini is more than that,” comments Tom Noble, the Mini Brand Communications chief.