2017 Audi TT RS and R8 Spyder scooped with no camouflage while refilling image

The guys over at Autogespot Spain have reported a major score – a pack of the latest and greatest Audi models has been caught while stopping at a gas station for the much needed refill.

As such we have a yellow R8 Spyder and also the all new 2017 TT RS, both wearing not the least bit of camouflage on the curvaceous bodies. We’re not only treated to the TT RS without any camouflage but it’s also the first time we catch a glimpse of it as previous spy shots were of the test mules that were derived from the TTS. The performance coupe adopts some of the styling cues of the TT Clubsport quattro concept from 2015 and it packs under the hood a 2.5-liter engine with electric turbochargers. Up front the TT RS can be easily spotted thanks to the silver spoiler and the deep grooves at the bottom of the hexagonal grille – the side skirts and fenders appear to have been borrowed without any modifications from the TTS while the wheels appear to have a new design. The back is highlighted via the mandatory twin oval exhaust pipes and fixed wing on the trunk.

Meanwhile, the R8 Spyder is also preparing to come out in front of the audience and we reckon both models may feature their anticipated debut during the upcoming New York Auto Show. While the R8 Spyder carries no surprises in terms of powertrain options, taken directly from the coupe brethren, the same can’t be said about the TT RS. Its 2.5-liter turbo should pack 367 PS or 400 PS with the optional Performance pack.

Via Autogespot Spain