2017 Auto Shanghai: Chevrolet FNR-X concept image

While in 2015, the Auto Shanghai Find New Roads (FNR) concept was an UFO in disguise, the FNR-X for the 2017 edition of the Chinese show has seen the General Motors’ Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) joint venture team produce something more recognizable.

While the FNR-X is obviously a crossover, the bowtie company says we’re dealing with an “all-purpose sports concept vehicle” and we’re cutting them some slack because the result is both interesting and bold. It’s even more, since the interior boasts lots of high tech features and the powertrain something the Chinese market likes – a plug-in hybrid. The Chevy FNR-X also comes with an active suspension that can intelligently adapt the vehicle’s ground clearance according to the traveled road surface. There are also V (Versatility) and S (Sport) driving modes, as well as active aerodynamics to increase efficiency and performance.

2017 Auto Shanghai Chevrolet FNR-X concept 5

The front and rear spoilers along with the side skirts move up or down according to the driving mode, and there’s also an active shutter grille as well as switchable wheel blades. Getting inside will reveal the scissor doors, and the cabin boasts lots of OLED screens – a big hexagonal-shaped touchscreen is the infotainment system but there are other screens on the dashboard as well. The driver gets a fully digital instrument cluster, an augmented reality head-up display and a smart navigation system that can predict the road conditions and adjust the route, and there’s also autonomous driving assistance include.