2017 Auto Shanghai: Honda CR-V Hybrid image

The Japanese automaker has graced the worldwide audience of the Shanghai Motor Show in China with the introduction of a green version of its very popular CR-V crossover.

Honda has decided to showcase the hybrid version of the top selling compact SUV for two reasons – the popularity of SUVs in general and of the CR-V in particular, as well as China’s emphasis on new energy vehicles, which is a consequence of their pollution issues. The Japanese automaker unfortunately hasn’t provided us with extensive details, but we do know the electrified SUV has the Honda Sport Hybrid Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive system – meaning the powertrain is derived or the same as the one found inside the 2017 Accord Hybrid.

Be that the case, then the CR-V Hybrid has a four-cylinder, 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle gasoline unit with 143 horsepower (107 kilowatts) and 129 pound-feet (175 Newton-meters) of torque linked to a pair of electric motors and a 1.3-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery for a total combined output of 212 hp (158 kW). Honda has also opted to keep the CR-V Hybrid a discreet affair – there’s a badge affixed to the front-left fender – and Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co will start selling it during the second part of 2017, with no official info if the version will be reaching other markets as well.