2017 Auto Shanghai: Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan image

The German automaker is gracing what has become its most important world market – China – with a concept model that previews the upcoming development of it’s a series of compact models.

The Concept A Sedan has been presented in front of the worldwide audience of the Shanghai Motor Show in China as a possible preview for the next generation CLA sedan, which in turn is based on the A Class compact family. This is a sleek preview of what lies ahead for the entry-level series, though we can say its approach is rather cautious for a concept, meaning we could see most of its line reach the production model in the near future. It’s still attractive – short overhangs, angular elements and a high beltline with a sloped roofline to cater for the coupe-like scenario.

2017 Auto Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan 7

Mercedes hasn’t said a word though about the possible powertrain hidden under the sleek body. We do have a neat idea – take the AMG edition with its 375 horsepower, add some more oomph and then slap the 4Matic all-wheel drive. That would make for a very interesting entry for those who adore high-powered models, such as the US market. After all, the fight there in the compact segment is intense – Audi has just released the RS3 sedan with 400 hp into the wild.