MG used to be a respected British automaker before hitting dire times. Then it was acquired by Chinese automaker SAIC and it’s now travelling back to respectability with the E-Motion concept.

Revealed in front of the worldwide audience of the Shanghai motor show, the E-Motion is signaling the company’s possible intention to produce another sporty model around 2020, but the styling – though lovely – is a bit questionable. This is because the brand’s designers seem to have been inspired a bit too much by models coming from Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, or Aston Martin. On its own, the E-Motion is a stylish coupe with an electric powertrain, and chances are it would reach production series at the end of the decade with a low asking price of no more than £30,000, according to Matthew Cheyne, the UK chief of sales, who spoke with media representatives.

2017 Auto Shanghai MG E-Motion concept 13

Most likely things such as the butterfly doors or panoramic glass roof won’t make it into series production, though. Neither will the four-seat cabin’s mostly touch sensitive controls. The driver gets temperature rotary knob controls built into the air vents as seen on the Audi TT, but also a fully digital instrument cluster and a touchscreen sitting low on the center stack. The electric setup has been developed in-house and details are scarce, but the company said the E-Motion will sprint to 62 mph (100 kph) in no more than four seconds. An unknown battery pack should be good for a range of more than 310 miles (500 kilometers).


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