2017 BMW 5 Series goes through the digital process of getting the M5 and Touring versions image

The G30 generation of the so rendering artists have already taken the challenge of presenting the upcoming versions – namely the manly M5 and family-oriented Touring.

The all-new 2017 BMW 5 Series has only just arrived and already the rendering artists are hard at work imagining the upcoming variations that we know for sure will reach the family – the high performance M5 and the practical Touring. The 2018 M5 was imagined by artist X-Tomi Design, and of course comes in line with past iterations for the hardcore sedan: a menacing front end goes alongside the well known M-style wheels, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a subtle, but enticing rear wing. Naturally, the M5 comes with the usual blue paint that we have come to love on the M iterations.


A more practical approach was selected by artist Theophilus Chin, which invested his time in creating the probable 5 Series Touring station wagon. The model still takes the sporty mantle since it was rendered in an M Sport trim version, with the front being just about the same as on the sedan. Changes occur at the back, where BMW’s “wraparound” taillight design remains, but coupled with the more practical design of the liftgate.