The luxury automaker has decided to bundle popular component options in order to entice customers into buying the slow-selling 2017 ATS and CTS sedans.

The updated 2017 model year accessible across the entire range – up to the high performance ATS-V and CTS-V. The design style includes lots of dark accents, while the rest of modifications actually vary according to model. For example, on the ATS the Carbon Black pack comes with a black chrome grille, a matching applique on the rear fascia, black side window trim, body-color door handles, the V-Series rear spoiler, and After Midnight-colored alloys. The cabin gets carbon fiber trim and Recaro front seats. Meanwhile the ATS-V gets all the aforementioned elements and also the carbon fiber body kit that comes with different carbon fiber body kit and packs a bigger rear spoiler. Inside, the driver also gains a suede steering wheel and gearshift.

2017 Cadillac CTS-V super sedan with available Carbon Black spor

The CTS goes down the same route – comes with blacked out chrome grille, V-Series spoiler, and After Midnight wheels. In the cabin some carbon fiber trim is present, with the model also packing the V-Series seats. The Recaro seats are optional, save for the range-topping V-Sport Premium. The CTS-V again has the same customizations and on top adds the carbon fiber body kit which packs a different front splitter, hood vent trim, rear diffuser, and that taller rear spoiler. The cockpit gets the V-Series performance seats and Carbon Black pack as standard, but the Recaro seats and suede-covered steering and gearshift remain optional.


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