2017 Chicago Auto Show: Nissan Midnight Edition image

The reason we didn’t put in the title the name of the model boasting the Midnight Edition package is that now the Maxima sedan is not the only one to hold the credentials.

The Japanese automaker first revealed the Midnight Edition on the Maxima in 2016 and the pack has been hugely successful with fans – many of the customers also requesting it on other models. Now in time for the 2017 Chicago Auto Show the company has delivered – the darkened look can be had on the Altima, Murano, Pathfinder, Rogue and Sentra as well. The models do get specific modifications but the general outline is that we have blacked-out exterior bits and pieces, black wheels, and Midnight Edition floor mats in the cabin.

2017 Chicago Auto Show Nissan Midnight Edition 6

The Midnight Edition covers the Altima, Maxima, and Sentra starting off as SR trim versions, the Rogue is based on the SV model, and the Murano and Pathfinder will get it when selecting the Platinum versions. Prices also vary depending on the model – $990 on the Altima, $1,195 on the Maxima, $1,195 on the Murano, $1,195 on the Pathfinder, $990 on the Rogue, and $490 on the Sentra. All of the new special editions will become available across dealerships immediately after their introduction during the Chicago Auto Show – save for the Rogue Midnight Edition coming out in March.