2017 Chicago Auto Show: Nissan NV Cargo X image

We’re getting to treat the Chicago Auto Show as old news already, but that’s not to say that among the premieres there aren’t interesting models to warrant a late look.

For example there’s the Nissan NV Cargo X, an off-road support vehicle fitted with a Cummins turbodiesel V8 and a bespoke lifted suspension kit – that will set you easily apart among cargo van operators. Unfortunately, you’d also be unique, because the Cargo X is a one-off concept, as Nissan only wanted to showcase the NV cargo van’s fully-boxed frame durability during brutal off-road challenges. Nissan created the model by using a NV cargo van and a 5.0-liter turbodiesel V8 from the Titan XD, complete with expertise from a professional off-road team.

2017 Chicago Auto Show Nissan NV Cargo X 2

The engine and van were mated and then it also gained a new bespoke suspension, a winch, extra LED lighting, new wheels with chunky off-road tires, and functional skid plates. In the cargo area everything you might need during serious off-roading is already present – fluids, wheels, tools, recovery straps, etc. So if you go out in the wilderness you actually don’t need a partner vehicle to support your adventures. Nissan showed the NV Cargo X and also how it performed on the challenging Pyeatt Draw trail near Payson, Arizona.