You may not remember, but German automaker Borgward died back in 1961 – only to be resurrected with help from Chinese investors in 2015, and enjoying quite the success with its SUV models, the BX7 and BX5.

Having rebooted itself on a different continent, the German nameplate now has a craving to return to its roots – namely the European market. And to ease itself into the minds and hearts of European consumers, the brand has appropriately featured a spectacular concept for the worldwide audience of the Frankfurt Motor Show. “The Isabella Concept is a modern interpretation of the legendary and beautiful Borgward Isabella,” explains Anders Warming, member of the board of management and chief design officer of Borgward Group AG. In the 1950s, the Isabella was Borgward’s top selling nameplate – but the concept is only bringing along the name, because otherwise it’s coming from the future.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Borgward Isabella concept 12

The striking coupe is all electric, with only a designer’s exterior hint of the original Isabella 2+2 coupe. The automaker says its design language is called “impression of flow,” and we’re quite interested in this four-door coupe with powered doors that slide to allow access. A minimalist interior is befitting the exterior semblance, with digital displays and touch screen controls for most of everything – save for the steering, throttle, and brake. No word has perspired about the electric powerplant – or whether the Isabella will make a return to market in the coming years as a production series vehicle.


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