We’re not getting the official i5 moniker just yet, but the i Vision Dynamics design study is not only that but also a preview for an eventual production electric model that will slot in between the i3 and i8.

Otherwise, the Vision Dynamics study, presented as BMW’s big surprise for the worldwide audience of the Frankfurt Motor Show is delivering “a look ahead to the e-mobility experience of the future with a new level of sporting elegance,” setting itself as a promoter of the company’s green strategy. All in all, BMW intends to deliver 25 models with an electrified drive system by 2025, with 12 of them being of the pure electric variety.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE BMW i Vision Dynamics 11

As far as dimensions and the overall allure are concerned, the Vision Dynamics concept can be seen as the i counterpart of the current 4 Series “four-door Gran Coupe” from the “much more immediate future.” The electric system is capable of taking it to 62 miles per hour (0-100 kilometers per hour) in four seconds, with maximum speed at 120 mph (200 kph), and a maximum range of 373 miles (600 kilometers).

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE BMW i Vision Dynamics 5

“The BMW i Vision Dynamics is combining electric mobility with the core values of BMW: dynamism and elegance,” commented Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. Just like the 8 Series or Z4 concepts, the concept’s design is destined to shape the future of the brand, including in terms of semi- or fully autonomous functions. By the way, since the iconic kidney grille has no traditional function, BMW has turned them into “declarations of technological know-how” with sensors to deliver an “intelligence surface.”


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