2017 Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE: Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package image

The German sports car maker isn’t letting the worldwide audience of the Frankfurt Motor Show slide off with just a single premiere – the new generation Cayenne SUV – they also brought a special something for their legendary 911.

And that special something should make customers happy if they want their 911 GT3 to be usable on a daily basis – because the new Touring Package brings just about that touch of luxury to sweeten the sporty pot. Best of all, you can consider the 911 GT3 Touring Package as the spiritual successor of the 911 R as the new version comes specifically and exclusively equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. Driver engagement is high on the priority list, so customers also get a mechanical rear differential and rear-axle steering. Meanwhile, all mechanical enhancements to the regular GT3 have been retained, save for fixed rear wing, while the cabin has been treated to a few niceties on its own as well.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package 2

Under the back bonnet resides the same 4.0-liter flat six, with the exact same power characteristics – 494 horsepower (368 kilowatts) and 339 pound-feet (459 Nm) of torque, enabling a 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) sprint in 3.9 seconds and a maximum speed of 196 mph (316 kph). The Touring Package has most of the 911 GT3 design lines, but at the back comes with an automatic rear spoiler like the 911 Carrera, featuring a small Gurney flap at the edge. Vintage silver trim comes for a touch of retro sportiness on the side window surrounds, tailpipes, headlight washer covers, and rear Porsche logo.