For the 2017 edition of the IAA in Frankfurt, Renault decided to take us in the future, presenting us with the means to be living in 2030 – both literally and practically, because the Symbioz concept can transform into a modular room for your housing needs.

This is not the first time we’ve seen a concept doubling as a living space – Hyundai did that with their Mobility Vision concept presented in January at CES 2017 – but we can’t judge Renault for copying them, because even taking an idea to form in the mold of a concept needs more time than it passed between CES and Frankfurt. The metamorphing Symbioz concept is an all-electric vehicle that can literally drive into the house and when parked become an extra, modular room. Other than this quirky idea, the Symbioz looks quite sporty and serene, following in the footsteps of the interesting Trezor.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE Renault Symbioz concept 0

Because in 2030 most likely all cars will be electric – according to Renault, the Symbioz has two electric motors in the back as well as a 72-kWh battery pack fitted to the floor – the combined output stands at a huge 500 kW and 660 Newton-meters of torque, which is enough to sprint to 62 mph (100 kph) in less than six seconds. It can also go for up to 500 km of real driving conditions, with a quick charge to 80 percent done in just 20 minutes. The electric concept is also autonomous – with Renault’s “Mind-off” mode taking full control of driving. The dashboard even automatically retracts and the pivoting seats allow a great measure of comforting positions.


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