Remember how Great Wall Motors was once the first Chinese automaker to actively pursuit the European market – they since subsided to a very discrete presence – but also want us to remember they’re still present, with the new Wey XEV concept.

Presented in front of the worldwide audience of the Frankfurt Motor Show via the company’s Wey luxury brand, the XEV concept has been quickly likened to the Tesla Model X, not only due to its proportions, but also due to the same odd way of opening the doors (Tesla calls them falcon doors). The Chinese entry is actually a plug-in hybrid crossover, with concept-distinctive headlights, gullwing doors and aero alloys. The unique design is also obvious from the back, where there’s an ascending sweeping beltline that continues through the rear tailgate – and there’s also a fashionable full-width LED light bar.

Wey XEV IAA Frankfurt 2017 06

Unfortunately – and this assures us the XEV has a long way to go before it would actually represent a menace for the aforementioned Model X, there were no performance specifications revealed, other than the fact we’re dealing with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The setup has the ICE locked to the front wheels, while a single electric motor handles duties in the back for AWD presence. More so, Wey also revealed the model has an unspecified type of autonomous control – which is good not only for highway duty but can also be used in urban environments.


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