2017 Frankfurt Motor Show: Mercedes-Benz S560e image

For this year’s edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz presented a whole array of electrified superlatives (Project One, GLC F-Cell) as well as more mainstream alternatives, such as the updated S560e plug in hybrid.

The new appellative comes signal the replacement of the pre-facelift S500e version – and again looks to deliver stellar economy (at least on paper) for a car its size: 2.1 liters / 100 km combined with corresponding CO2 emissions of 49 g/km. The full-size sedan is also capable of travelling up to 31 miles (50 kilometers) in full electric mode, using energy from the newly introduced 13.5-kWh lithium-ion battery that occupies the same space as before, but comes with increased capacity. The 3.0-liter V6 gasoline engine under the hood packs 367 horsepower (270 kilowatts) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters) of torque, assisted by the electric motor that comes with 121 hp (90 kW) and 325 lb-ft (440 Nm).

EQ Power: Neuer Plug-in-Hybrid Mercedes-Benz S 560 e: Mehr Leistung, mehr Reichweite

As such, the updated S560e is capable of sprinting 62 mph (100 kph) in just five seconds, before topping out at 155 mph (250 kph). The engineers also rearranged the power electronics, fitting them to the engine compartment, so the trunk capacity has surged by 15 liters to 410 liters. To make the most out of its green powertrain, the S560e even comes with a function called Eco Assist, that even runs coasting simulation sin the background to determine if it’s better for the limousine to coast freely or use the energy recuperation system. Another interesting standard perk is the pre-entry climate control – using the Mercedes me app the driver can set a departure time and the car will be heated or cooled to the desired set temperature in advance.