The smallest car brand in Daimler’s portfolio was actually quite busy at this year’s edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show, delivering not only the Smart Vision EQ ForTwo concept but also this feisty celebratory Fortwo series.

Smart and Brabus have decided to celebrate in style their long and fruitful partnership in front of the worldwide audience of the Frankfurt Motor Show by introducing the 15th Anniversary Edition of the Fortwo coupe and cabrio. The new special series will become available on the Smart Fortwo coupe and cabrio with the turbocharged engines or the electric powertrain – and if you want one better act fast, because order books have been ordered for European clients, and there are only 150 units. Among the niceties we can decidedly mention the Espresso Brown leather interior, that adds a touch of urban premium to the ensemble.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Smart Brabus Fortwo 15th Anniversary Edition 6

Down the line, starting this autumn, the Smart brand will upgrade the technology of its entire lineup – Active Brake Assist is now optional throughout the model roster, the Smart Audio-System and Media-System pack Siri voice controls, and the Media-System features a USB charging port. The Cool & Media package-equipped electric models can also find easier nearby charging stations, while the new Perfect Equipment Line adds a fake leather and fabric upholstery, mixing black and brown, and on the outside new are the gloss black 15-inch wheels as well as the Autumn Brown color.


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