2017 Geneva Motor Show: Italdesign Airbus Pop Up Concept image

We’ve been telling you the Geneva Motor Show is the international home of quirky concepts – here’s yet another example: the Italdesign Airbus concept can either drive or fly you to your destination.

The renowned design house Italdesign and Airbus have opted on a collaboration for the very interesting Pop Up concept presented in front of the worldwide audience of the Geneva Motor Show. We’re dealing with a single vehicle that can transition between the road, rail, and air – it only has to choose the best method to get its occupants to destination. Both companies have imagined this high-tech as a pod that could relieve cities of traffic congestion and reduce emissions. All in all, this is a door-to-door transportation service – the user just selects the destination on an app then the software computes the best way to get someone there.

2017 Geneva Motor Show Italdesign Airbus Pop Up Concept 6

Short distances are covered with an autonomous electric chassis with a range up to 81 miles (130 kilometers). For longer journeys or to avoid traffic congestion, a flying drone would pick up the capsule and carry it. In the video we can also see the pods loading onto trains for part of the journey – and the companies even suggest they could become compatible with the hyperloop. Now all we have to wait is for real life driverless systems to appear, getting artificial intelligence to manage a flight and all those hyperloop projects come to life.