If Tesla showed the world anything is that electric cars are anything but boring when done right – and now another EV specialist, Renault, is trying to apply the recipe in its own, personal way.

In real life the subcompact Zoe has had enhancements such as the 41-kWh battery for a 250-mile (400-km) range, but for show purposes we can dream about the EV’s pocket rocket potential – showcased during the Geneva Motor Show through the Zoe E-Sport concept. What we have here is an all-electric small sports car with all-wheel-drive and huge 20 inch wheels. Looking to add to the dynamic credentials, the concept has been kept light by getting rid of the rear seats and also through the mix of carbon fiber with Kevlar during the concept’s construction. The EV now tips the scales at a great (for a battery electric that is) 1,400 kilograms (3,086 pounds), including the 450-kg (992-lbs) battery pack. Thanks to a couple of electric motors, there’s 460 horsepower (343 kilowatts) and an instant torque of 640 Newton-meters (472 pound-feet).

2017 Geneva Motor Show LIVE Renault Zoe E-Sport Concept 10

Getting all that oomph inside lends a 0 to 62 mph (100 kph) time of just 3.2 seconds and an electronically-controlled maximum speed of 130 mph (210 kph) in less than 10 seconds. There’s also a double wishbone suspension, wider tracks, bigger brakes, Öhlins four-way adjustable dampers, as well as a sporty theme for the interior as well. Renault opted for a pair of Recaro bucket seats with racing harness and controls inspired by the world of Formula E. No plans have been expressed for an eventual production of the concept, though.


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