2017 Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Tata Tamo Racemo concept image

The well-known Indian automaker has also arrived in Geneva in time to present in front of the worldwide audience of the Swiss event the new Racemo, a two-seater sports car.

Delivered as a previewing prototype, the Racemo is also newsworthy for being the first product from the company’s new sub-brand, Tamo. It is positioned as a low-volume, experimental division – and we’ll get to see if it will have the success the Nano never had in building a successful image for the Indian manufacturer. Anyways, the Racemo is motivated by a 1.2-liter turbocharged engine packing 190 horsepower (141 kilowatts) and 155 pound-feet (210 Newton-meters) of torque. The engine got hooked to a six-speed automated manual transmission, complete with paddle shifters.

2017 Geneva Motor Show LIVE Tata Tamo Racemo concept 0

The sports car is very small – the length doesn’t go beyond four meters (157 inches) and has been produced with the new Impact Design language, with a large sweeping grille and a fresh rear end. Tata wants to have the Racemo in two versions – the street-legal one and the track-exclusive variant. By the way, in case you want it as a digital companion you can drive it in the Forza Horizon 3 racing game and Tata is even planning a digital reality version. The manufacturer is not expected to quickly bring the production version of the car – in time for the Auto Expo in India in 2018.