2017 Geneva Motor Show: Pininfarina H600 Concept image

The newly acquired asset of India’s Mahindra has kept itself busy for the worldwide previews of the Geneva Motor Show and among its best creation for this year’s edition we can also count the H600 concept.

The new “luxury sedan concept” has been developed by the design house for a new Hong Kong-based startup called the Hybrid Kinetic Group and is making its world debut with “harmonious proportions, taut lines, flowing surfaces, and a clear-cut stripe that runs along the entire length of the sides and exalts the dynamic stance of the vehicle,” the design company saying the model is targeting businessmen that prefer “refined details, precious materials and exclusive treatments, who takes pleasure in perfection and elegance.” The H600 comes with a large radiator grille, flanked by sleek LED headlights while at the back the full-LED taillights and a double chrome strip span across the trunk lid.

2017 Geneva Motor Show Pininfarina H600 Concept 4

Move inside and you’ll find a lounge, “an open space that ensures maximum comfort for the rear seat passengers.” Surfaces are brimming with natural leather and veneered wood, while the ambient light is made of white luminous bands – all in search of “a natural and pleasing atmosphere” and “a sensation of psychological well-being.” The powertrain is of the all-electric nature, and has been developed by the Hybrid Kinetic Group. It comes with “over 600 kilowatts” (804+ horsepower) and will take the 4,122-pound (1,870-kilogram) sedan to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in only 2.9 seconds – and they say it’s even capable of a range of 621 miles (1,000 km) on a single charge. Pininfarina hasn’t revealed all the details, but said the tech includes a micro turbine generator range extender and a “super battery.”