2017 Honda Clarity includes free fuel cell hydrogen in the US image

Honda is actually delivering the all-new Clarity fuel cell as their second generation hydrogen-fueled model in California and to fight the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell will include free refueling.

Honda’s fuel-cell-powered 2017 Clarity sedan is scheduled to reach dealers in select markets – such as California – before the start of 2017, and the automaker is announcing more details about the perks and costs of ownership. The Japanese automaker has decided to offer to interested leasers the zero-emissions sedan for a $369 a month plus $2,499 due at signing for a 36-month contract. The customers get an allowance of 20,000 miles a year, $15,000 of free H2 fill-ups over the course of the contract, as well as 21 days of luxury car rentals in California. The bad news is the scarcity of hydrogen refueling points means Honda will only lease the Clarity to people living or working near one of the company’s 12 approved FCEV dealers.

These include six locations in Southern California, five in the Bay Area, and one in Sacramento. Of course, if the refueling infrastructure develops, Honda plans to also expand the Clarity availability. The EPA rating for the fuel cell sedan allows the electric vehicle to hit the streets for 366 miles (589 kilometers) on a full tank – the best thing is refueling only takes about five minutes compared to hours for battery electric cars.