2017 Jaguar XF envisioned image

Jaguar is currently working on a new generation of the XF which has a pretty good chance of looking like the one in the image posted above once it will be ready for the public.

The British based automaker Jaguar is getting ready to update one of its best-selling models, the XF, which will be receiving a new generation over the next few months. The model in question will be one of the most awaited vehicles coming from the brand this year, along with the F-Pace SUV, and it will be joining the lineup along with its smaller brother, the XE, which will be borrowing some lines to it.

Jaguar hasn’t provided official details on the new generation of the XF for the moment, but according to recent reports, the model in question should be riding on a completely new platform, which is also expected to be shared with the replacement of the XJ, the company’s flagship. These two vehicles will be based on the PLA full size car platform which is currently being developed for Range Rovers.

The 2017 Jaguar XF will be similar in shape to models such as the Audi A5 Sportback and the sloping roofline will be providing it with a sportier look while the liftback is there for easier access. The engine lineup on the model will be made of new Ingenium units and they will be connected to the 9-speed automatic transmission from the Range Rover Evoque. Additional details on the new generation of the Jaguar XF are limited at this time and will be released once the model will go official, probably sometimes next year.