2017 Mercedes Benz Vito can also be used as a London Black Cab image

The German automaker has interestingly decided to partake in the very tight niche of London black cabs with a specifically modified version of the 2017 Vito commercial vehicle.

The Vito Taxi is completely new and the model has even been modified extensively to include a rear steering axle because it needs to comply with London rules that stipulate all black cabs need to have a turning circle of 25 feet (7.62 meters) or less. Mercedes-Benz competed against another brand for the approval to fulfill duties in the British capital and was the only one to succeed, and buyers looking to acquire the Vito Taxi for duties in other places in the UK can order the model without the new rear axle – it even gets the “National Taxi” moniker.

The Vito taxi also comes with perks from Mercedes-Benz cars – such as a standard Attention Assist system that makes sure the driver is… well attentive. There are also other perks: Active Parking Assist and Blind Spot Assist, electrically operated sliding doors on both sides, and entrance steps that can be extended for wheelchair operation. Up to six passengers can use the Vito taxi and the model also comes with start/stop and air conditioning as standard equipment.

2017 Mercedes Benz Vito can also be used as a London Black Cab 1