2017 New York Auto Show: Toyota FT-4X Concept image

Are you ready and willing to have another Toyota off-road halo car – something like the FJ Cruiser? We know we are, and hopefully the FT-4X concept showcased during the 2017 New York Auto Show paves the way towards this achievement.

The Toyota FT-4X Concept is certainly playing in front of the worldwide audience of the New York Auto Show the vibe for the retro-modern off-roader styling the retired FJ Cruiser was so famous for. It has been styled by the Toyota’s Calty Design Research center team and the company believes the crossover concept would be great for people loving the outdoor but don’t care for hardcore off-roading too much. And the model is very liberal at taking up elements from the classic Land Cruisers and pickups of the company to deliver a very inspiring design.

2017 New York Auto Show Toyota FT-4X Concept 24

The concept’s alphanumeric moniker is explained as Future Toyota Four-Wheel Drive Crossover – the SUV is also a hybrid (of course), but more on that in a moment. The design pays homage to off-roaders like the FJ40 Land Cruiser and the FJ Cruiser, while the vertical window over the rear fender on the driver’s side is a nod to the company’s Xtracab pickups. The funkiness is great at the back – the hatch can open vertically or as a two-piece element, depending on the needs.

2017 New York Auto Show Toyota FT-4X Concept 9

The interior is practical above all else. The removable audio system lets drivers take their music to a campsite. The center HVAC vents have a handle-inspired shape and can rotate downward to cool or warm things sitting on the shelf below. The front door handles are actually water bottles, and there’s a sleeping bag in the center armrest. This is just a concept for now, but Toyota said it does use the Toyota New Generation Architecture, meaning production is an easy job if it gets the green light.