We’re still reserving judgment on the new front look of the facelifted Octavia to the moment we see it in the metal, but at least we can see the automaker has tried to present it in a good light.

The VW group has long been adored by numerous hordes of fans and graced with suspicious looks by specialists – even them having trouble recognizing the differences between the models when they changed generation or received a mid life-cycle refresh. With the new look, the Skoda Octavia certainly doesn’t fit the bill anymore and will gain instant recognition when hitting the streets. Back in the day, the W212 generation Mercedes E Class was the only one to have double headlights outside of China – and why the angular looks made them devolve in the eyes of many from the roundish predecessors – made them look distinctive and easy to spot. Now try to make a C Class from an E Class or S Class fast…


For now, we can also look at the Skoda Octavia as a proud follower of that trend – which nobody knew it existed. But the Skoda Octavia is likely to have even more sales than the E Class it looks up to – especially if the styling cues remain on the upcoming fourth generation Octavia. The refresh also brought numerous perks to the Octavia, which blends affordability with the tried and tested MQB VW group platform and a host of new equipment – such as bigger infotainment screen, customizable key with memory settings and folding tables for the back passengers.