2017 Tokyo Auto Salon: Toyota’s TRD comes with polarizing designs [video] image

The Japanese company’s division is looking to make a name for itself – for better or worse – at the 2017 edition of the Tokyo Auto Salon, where it features wildly modified C-HR models, and others.

Aside from the polarizing C-HR models, the company has also brought a modified 86 and a rather odd Hi-Ace minivan. Subaru for example – another important presence at the event – is taking it all in the name of performance, but Toyota has TRD-ized C-HR models that seem to appeal to a very specific niche – those looking to grasp attention by all means. The duo is also named accordingly – Aggressive Style C-HR and Extreme Style C-HR – so we know from the start we’re getting “need for speed” contraptions. The first sets itself apart using a bigger rear wing on the roof and lip spoiler on the hatch while the latter has rally-style red mud flaps.

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon Toyota’s TRD comes with polarizing designs 153

Anyways, if the C-HR is not your thing but still want to polarize attention, the HiAce TRD Concept might be exactly what the doctor ordered. At the Tokyo Auto Salon it comes with an aggressive look – looking exactly like something you need to pull a platform with your racing car. Speaking off, you might want to take a look at the 14R-60 Carbon Concept – an 86 in disguise – featuring carbon fiber front bumpers and fenders. But there is also something for everyone – the 2016 Hilux REVO TRD or the 86 TRD Rally Concept 4 might fit the bill for others.