Not long ago the Japanese automaker teased us to a hotter version of the Yaris supermini that would act as the linchpin to its new for 2017 participation in the WRC series.

Now the model is officially out via an online preview and it will be seen in the metal by the worldwide audience of the Geneva Motor Show in March – when it should also get an official name. It doesn’t come with a moniker for now so we’re calling it the “hot” Yaris, but we suspect it will include the Gazoo moniker – since Toyota has already mentioned all of its performance versions will include the name of its factory race team. More importantly, this hot Yaris comes with a large stable of horses – 210 ponies to be more precise, probably enabled by the updated turbocharged 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine adapted from the WRC-spec racer.

Obviously it’s based on the three-door version and it will arrive at the Geneva Motor Show alongside the updated Yaris family. As far as we can tell, the facelift’s main novelty is the reworked design for the taillights – which are now wider. The sporty model will of course get its exclusive perks – prominent roof-mounted spoiler painted in black, central exhaust tip, as well as the glossy black winglets at the front next to the fog lights. The lower ride is enabled by the sporty suspension and we can also see the upgraded brakes tucked behind the blacked-out alloys.

2017 Toyota Yaris gets hot version with 210 hp to celebrate WRC participation 1


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