2017 Toyota Yaris has more than 900 changes image

While the update to the Yaris supermini is certainly not falling inside the subtle category, we still didn’t expect to see more than 900 new parts and expenses of 90 million euro from Toyota.

Not just your ordinary facelift, the 2017 model year Yaris in European specification (the Japanese Vitz also gets its own update) has been reworked inside and out. The design enhancements are making the Yaris look larger than ever, even though the dimensions haven’t budged. There’s a new front grille and massively wider taillights, while the side profile got a new lower door moulding. Toyota’s styling department in Europe, in charge of the facelift, also optioned redesigned bumpers, new alloy wheel models and enhanced headlights optionally available with LED daytime running lights. The Yaris tailgate also had to be modified to fit the new look of the taillights and there are also new Tokyo Red and Hydro Blue paints, coming to complement the already available eight hues.

2017 Toyota Yaris has more than 900 changes 2

Even more enhancements and tweaks are visible inside the cabin – where Toyota optioned for new upholstery, trim, and color options. There’s also a new 4.2-inch color display standard from the “Mid” trim upwards, propeller-style air vents, blue instrumentation light, as well as refreshed switches and a modified center console. Cosmetic and trim tweaks are not alone, as there are hardware enhancements as well. The old 1.33-liter is going to the retirement home, making room for the new naturally aspirated four cylinder 1.5 liter, with 111 horsepower (82 kilowatts) and 100 pound-feet (136 Newton-meters) of torque, and a sprint time of 11 seconds to 62 mph (100 km/h).

2017 Toyota Yaris has more than 900 changes 4

It’s not only 0.8 seconds quicker but also more economical – with fuel economy up by as much as 12 percent. The 2017 Yaris also has new engine mounts for less vibrations, tuned shock absorbers’ damping force and valve design, as well as an optimized electric power steering or a new sub-silencer for the exhaust system. Other tweaks include a different front subframe, upgraded air box intake system and front drive shafts. And the best is coming the form of the new three-door performance version with more than 210 hp (156 kW), also premiering during the Geneva Motor Show.