2018 Audi A8 teased yet again image

Another day, another Audi A8 teaser – and we can’t wait for July 11 to come faster in order to end with this endless marketing campaign. We also make a promise – no more A8 teasers unless they’re relevant.

They’re not even original this time – the image is simply a follow-up to a previous photo released weeks ago, only they’re allowing us a glimpse of some additional details. This is indeed relevant because it’s the best official look so far at the uncamouflaged fullsize executive sedan, which is most likely going to be presented from day one both in standard and stretched A8 L configuration – the picture depicts the latter. The limousine does have a huge wheelbase, as well as laser headlights – while the taillights might receive the matrix OLED technology as previously seen on the TT RS.

The huge rear doors lets us know there’s going to be ample space in the back – and Audi has even prepared a “relaxation seat”, complete with everything, including foot massage. The techno-savvy A8 will be the first model in the range to make use of the second-generation Audi Virtual Cockpit and also gains a new smart active suspension – while inside there are, for the first time on an Audi production car, touch operated panels. Naturally, the A8 comes with the most advanced semi-autonomous driving system, complete with remote self-parking ability.