The Romanian brand with French parentage has formerly announced the introduction of the second-generation Dacia Duster small SUV, which is heading for the public premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

[Update] We’ve added new official photos to the gallery, including the cabin view. “The all-new Duster’s SUV appeal has been heightened by its robust exterior design which has been entirely redesigned, while its new interior design emphasizes comfort and perceived quality,” commented during the official worldwide public reveal at Frankfurt Francois Mariotte, General Manager, Dacia Sales and Marketing. We may not agree completely with the exterior comments, but at least we do concur about its appeal. Especially thanks to the addition of new technologies that represent a first for Dacia – multi-view camera, blind spot warning, curtain airbags, automatic climate control, keyless entry andautomatic headlight activation. More so, while the materials retain the budget aspect, the interior is indeed all new – with new instrument cluster, new dashboard design, and in the near future even a completely new infotainment system.

2018-dacia-duster-official-image (19)

The best-selling Dacia model is obviously an SUV – the Duster first bowed in front of the public back in 2010 and has been a success story ever since, as it hit the sweet spot in a number of chapters. First of all, when it appeared it was the most affordable subcompact crossover/SUV (things have slightly changed since, and will continue), it was a good family car just like any other crossover, and it also satisfied the off-road passionate because it had real SUV qualities – including AWD with locking features. After more than one million examples in its first seven years of existence, the Duster is now ready for a new chapter. The first order of business, the Duster is styled evolutionary, keeping the robust and safe looks of the first generation. It does come with more style though, as well as new colors – such as the launch Orange Atacama.

2017 - Nouveau Dacia DUSTER

The Renault-owned budged brand from Romania has decided to style the new Duster as a more modern apparition, with the same styling for the headlights (now with DRLs) and grille, as well as a similar profile – albeit with more pronounced character lines and a high-tech rear, emphasized by the Renegade-inspired taillights (some will say copied, for sure). From the front the Duster looks wider, and keeps the robust appearance with the silver skid plate made out of a special type of scratch-resistant plastic. The 17-inch alloy wheel design is also new, and so are the black wing arch trims – while the windscreen is steeply racked after it was pushed forward 10 centimeters (4 inches). Full details – including the interior – should become available on September 12, when it debuts in front of the worldwide audience of the 2017 IAA. As a side note, while the exterior is evolutionary, sources have told us the interior is quite revolutionary, so keep tuned.


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