2018 Detroit Auto Show: GAC Enverge concept image

China’s GAC Motors is among the overseas producers that didn’t want to miss on the North American International Auto Show action taking place in Detroit, so they brought the Enverge, an electric concept car with interesting features.

GAC is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, and is part of the Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group, which is why it’s shortened with capital letters. It’s the same traditional story that’s been swirling around for years – Chinese automakers are shaping their power up to storm the American market. We’ve heard that before and GAC makes no difference, with the company allegedly announcing plans to set up shop in the US of A sometime in 2019. The Enverge electric car is a taste of things to come, in the shape of an interesting prototype that arrives with scissor doors and a great range of 370 miles, thanks to a 71-kWh battery that can be recharged wirelessly to add no less than 240 miles of travel in 10 minutes.

We’re not even sure how that equates – if that were possible we would probably see all companies adopt such technology – but after all, we’re dealing with a concept, maybe the powertrain is all conceptual as well. The interior is very futuristic, with the dashboard hidden under a massive display, and “paper” thin seats. The interesting things we talked about earlier include the removable headlights that can be used as spotlights, along with the virtual reality screens embedded in the door windows – something that would be very helpful at night for instance to highlight things that would otherwise be obscured.